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Siachin Dilemma: Strategic Importance and the way forward for India and Pakistan

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The aim of this paper is to study the significance of the issue entailing military presence of India and Pakistan with a view to offer way forward to avert similar future conflicts between the two nuclear states. Ranked amongst the top five largest glaciers in the Eastern Karakorum Range of Himalayas, Siachin is situated at the average altitude of 18000 feet above the sea level. Spread over more than 700 kms, bed of the glacier is point NJ 9842. Siachin, being the highest battleground of the world, continues to be the bone of contention between Pakistan and India since 1984 which has cost immense loss men and material to the two neighboring states as a result of unfinished partition plan 1947. In the backdrop this paper focuses the history of conflict, the paper endeavors to analyze the environmental challenges and offer recommendations to resolve the long standing military conflict.


3-Yushfa Liaqat
M. Phil Scholar, Department of International Relations, National Defence University, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Siachin, Pakistan, India, Himalayas, Strategic Importance

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Published: Dec 2018

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