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Impact of Innovative Work Behavior on the Performance of Agile Project Management in Pakistan

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In recent years, Pakistan's computer software market has experienced steady growth. Agile is the iterative approach in software industry. Innovation by employees is one of the best ways to enhance innovation and organizational success. The customer wants new and innovative products. This required an effective innovative behavior. New ideas affect the performance of projects positively or negatively and became the reason of project success or project failure. Based on 223 responses collected from the software industry in Pakistan. To test descriptive analysis and correlation Cronbach alpha and SPSS was used. The study found that Idea Exploration was significantly related to agile project performance. Idea Generation also was significantly related to agile project performance. Idea Championing also was significantly related to agile project performance. Idea Implementation also was significantly related to agile project performance. The findings of this study help the project managers to implement better strategies and plan for agile project management success. The study has implications for both theoretical and practical professionals working in software industry of Pakistan.


1-Bilal Anwar
Assistant Professor Department of Business Administration, University of Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan.

2-Umer Iqbal
MS Scholar, Bahria University Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

3-Muhammad Imran Ashraf
Assistant Professor, Department Of International Relations, National Defence University Islamabad, Pakistan.


Idea Exploration, Idea Generation, Idea Championing, Idea Implementation, Agile Project Management, Performance

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II - I

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Published: Dec 2019

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